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Everyday Superhero:
Shana, DMD

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We are celebrating National Dentist Day by highlighting one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors – Shana Hughes, DMD.  She shares her career advice, style tips, and greatest inspiration.

Name: Dr. Shana Hughes

Profession: Dentist emphasizing in cosmetic dentistry & facial esthetics at The Tooth Booth in Russell Springs, Kentucky.

Why did you become a dentist?

I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist when starting college, but after working in a pharmacy much of undergrad, I knew it wasn’t for me.  I don’t do well with routine and for me, the pharmacy was very repetitive— I have entirely too much energy for that!  A family friend and physician encouraged me to research pharmacy or dentistry.  I was not one of those kids that responded “dentist” when you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  But I’m proud to tell people my profession when they ask.  It was sort of a happy mistake for me and I’m thankful every day.

What advice would you give to an aspiring dentist?

Dedicate your life to learning.  As a dentist, you know that procedures, techniques, supplies, equipment, and products are ever-changing.  Stay up to date on the latest and greatest, not just for the sake of your patients, but for you.  This is what will keep you motivated and confident.  Don’t just be a capable dentist—be an exceptional dentist!

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What is your favorite aspect of your job?

My favorite part of my job is somewhat of a double-edged knife. Dependent on the day, my favorite part may also be the thing that gets to me most.  I stay busy—SO, SO busy.  But my personality is naturally very energetic so it’s an awesome fit for me.

What inspires you at work?

The same thing that inspired me before work, inspires me at work and outside of work— my mom.  I was raised by a strong, single mother that brought me up to be a strong, independent woman.  She expected me to pursue great things and because of that, I never questioned.  I am so thankful, as an adult, to have been raised by such a force.  She is the reason for all of this, and she’ll be the reason for anything to come.

What is your favorite Jaanuu style and why?

The Signature Lab Coat. Our office is modern, feminine and beautiful. Before Jaanuu, my attire didn’t match me or my surroundings. I had difficulty finding any medical apparel that looked or felt like it was designed by women with women in mind. Patients sense confidence and it, in turn, comforts them. My Jaanuu lab coats are professional and tailored with comfy stretch that helps me maneuver through my day.

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