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5 Self-Care Tips To Reimagine Your Moment

Dr. Neela in Seafoam
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We live in a world where “busy” equates success—more patients, more hobbies, more side hustles—but often at the expense of our mental health. After years of operating on “busy”, I expected to feel fulfilled—but all I felt was tired, anxious and stressed. So, I decided to slow down, make every moment count and, ultimately, prioritize my self-care.

It’s been a journey, but what I’ve learned needs to be shared. The biggest lesson: time is no excuse. It’s truly about reimagining any moment, and I promise you—even with 5 minutes, you can reset and recharge. 

Read on for my five tips to reimagine your moment—whether you’ve got 2 minutes or 60. 

If You’ve Got 2 Minutes: Refresh With A Drink Of Water

First and foremost: hydrate! It’s key to keeping your body functioning optimally; plus a giant gulp takes only seconds—use the extra minute to shut your eyes and breathe. Make this super easy by bringing a reusable water bottle to work every day and keeping it within arm’s reach. Try not to worry about the added bathroom breaks; taking in extra water will be worth it for its benefits (lubricating the joints, delivering nutrients, regulating body temperature—I’m preaching to the choir!). This is the easiest thing you can do all day, and it’s going to make all the difference.  

If You’ve Got 5 Minutes: Replenish With A Healthy Snack

It took me a long time to realize this, but even as a doctor, I sometimes underestimate how many calories my body needs to feel truly dynamic. But quick, healthy snacks—like almonds, carrots and hummus or greek yogurt—can help round out a well-balanced eating day, and give you the energy and sustenance you need to answer to your day’s demands. Pack a handful of almonds in a reusable ziplock bag and keep it in one of your many convenient scrub pockets for easy snacking. It’s my secret to fighting fatigue.

If You’ve Got 15 Minutes: Reengage With A Loved One Or Passion

Make a meaningful connection. This is huge for introverts and extroverts alike. Unlike social media or a casual exchange about the weather in the break room, intentionally dialing in to speak or text with a dear one can seriously uplift your mood. Connect with someone who has positive energy, who respects that you may only have a few minutes to chat and who will benefit as much from the exchange as you—these quick touch bases can be game changing. Now, if your love language isn’t time spent, you can just as well use your break to reconnect with a passion. Love art? Doodle. Love the outdoors? Find a bench to sit on. Love to travel? Start researching your next holiday.

If You’ve Got 30 Minutes: Recharge From Within Vs. A Screen

Listen, I get it. Social media can be addicting, but the less you engage with it, the better. It’s a way to receive passive negative information—a hub for unhealthy comparison; a place designed to showcase the beautiful and omit the rest. Instead of sitting in a corner and scrolling, step outside, go for a walk, acclimate to the weather and disconnect from passive noise. Try to find a comfortable silence to sit in, and check in with yourself. The recharge that comes after you connect your mind back with your body will give you the juice you need to power through the rest of your day. 

If You’ve Got 60 Minutes: Reenergize With A Walk, Jog or Time Outdoors

Moving your body with intention is so different from moving your body to get somewhere or to do something. Our bodies need this flow so that we don’t feel stiff, so that our minds feel sound, so that our hearts work well. And a huge bonus—the joy you get from a serotonin and dopamine release is unparalleled. I work out during my lunch break, but you don’t have to. Start your morning with a jog or time permitting, make it to an evening Pilates class. Bike to work if that’s something you’d enjoy, or if yoga’s more your speed, find time to work that into your schedule. I know it feels daunting to carve out time to work out, but putting aside a moment for exercise will reenergize your happiness levels. 

Reimagine Your Moment 

As I began using self-care to work through my own anxieties, I knew I had to share my experience with the community I’ve fostered here at Jaanuu. Everything we do as a brand is driven by our sincere mission to support you—because better care for healthcare professionals has the power to create a better world for everyone. It’s why we pivoted our focus as a company to help healthcare professionals everywhere reimagine their moments, and extendedly, reimagine greatness.

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