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Career Challenges

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We asked, “What’s the most challenging part of your job? How do you overcome it?” Here’s what you shared…

“Knowing that, as an EMT, I won’t be able to save every patient and get them to the hospital alive. That’s a mental adjustment I have not made yet. I know it’ll only get worse once I become a doctor, so I’m trying to prepare myself as best as humanly possible.” – @saggoddess

“I’m in the dental field, and we go to low-income schools to provide dental services. The hardest part is seeing the neglect some children experience at home.”@ziajan

“I work on a pediatric hematology and oncology floor, and it’s heartbreaking to see kids who have to grow up a little faster and have a different take on life. It breaks my heart to see these little fighters battle day after day with treatment plans, side effects, and transplants.”@debs524

“I find it difficult to deal with coworkers who compete with one another instead of focusing on the patients! It’s common in nursing, and it drags morale down.” @planner_rx

“Child abuse is hands-down the worst thing a peds nurse has to deal with. The way you overcome it is by showing that child love for the short period of time you get to take care of him or her and hope that you can help them, even if it’s only temporarily.” @alexx_xox

“When working in mental health, a patient’s mood can swing from high to low in a few hours. One day they love you, and the next day they may throw things at you and curse your name. I have to remind myself that mental illness is serious; I cannot take it personally. I am patient and take one moment at a time.” @deidralt

“Patients who won’t take responsibility for their own health or lack thereof. It’s frustrating worrying for someone who isn’t trying to help themselves. It’s tough to fight the urge to allow your heart to harden because of those patients.”@thetoothbooth

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