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behind the product

We scoured the globe for the most talented fabric mills and factories.
We feel blessed to have found them and now call them partners.

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Why Trade Up to Our Jaanacea™ Fabric?
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Antimicrobial finished fabric Checkgold X
Moisture-wicking Tencel® fabric Checkgold X
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4-Fabric Blend with Stretch Checkgold X

A little patience never hurt nobody...

We took a year-long approach to identify the most attractive composition and finish to create a fabric blend that we could indeed call revolutionary. Trial after trial, day after day in the mill, we believe we have developed an antimicrobial-finished game-changer that we call Jaanacea™.

  • First ever four-fabric stretch blend in the medical apparel market
  • Antimicrobial finishing treatment to fabric to inhibit odor causing bacteria and to last longer
  • Usage of eco-friendly Tencel® fabric to wick away moisture, move with the body and eliminate stains and odors
  • Addition of cotton and polyester ensures a soft handfeel yet professional look to reduce need for ironing
jaanuu premium fabric factory

Yes, we walk the walk.

SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial

A Study by The Journal of Hospital Infection indicated that after one, single work shift, 92% of nurse uniforms worn on a general medical floor carry either MRSA, VRE or C.difficile bacteria.

Therefore, through a partnership with the Dow Chemical Company, our Jaanacea™ fabric is treated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial to:

  • inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast and algae
  • minimize odor
  • provide intelligent freshness protection
  • last longer
  • resist discoloration by bacteria

TENCEL® - The new age fiber.

From a world of fabric options, we selected TENCEL® due to its silkiness, soft flowing drape and unique wearable comfort. After a long day of work, you deserve that moisture absorption and luxurious aesthetics that TENCEL® offers.

Moisture Control

TENCEL® deals with moisture like no other. The fiber absorbs moisture completely and naturally and then releases it to the outside. Submicroscopic channels between the individual fibrils regulate absorption and release of moisture.

Smooth Softness

TENCEL® has a smooth surface, and the softness prevents irritations to the skin.

Natural Hygiene

With TENCEL® bacteria do not stand a chance. The perfect moisture management of this cellulosic fiber is responsible for the reduced bacteria growth.

tencel the new age fiber

our designs

We asked ourselves, if flight attendants at Virgin America can have their trendy uniforms designed by Banana Republic, then why do us hard-working medical professionals have to be stuck purchasing ill-fitting uniforms with unattractive print designs?

Why can't our apparel be reimagined?

Why don't we design a better option?

Before launched, each Jaanuu garment goes through an exhaustive process of scrutiny. We work intimately with our medical colleagues around the country to gather objective, real-time feedback to deliver the products that have long been demanded. Finally, before brought to market, each item is tested and worn by numerous medical professionals to ensure the highest level of quality.

Design innovation and iteration...It's not only our passion but it's also what differentiates us at Jaanuu.

Jaanuu professional design room

our production

The eye of the master will do more
work than both his hands.

~ Benjamin Franklin

We realized early on that premium fabric is only as good as the eyes and hands that turn it into a garment.

From the pattern makers, technical designers, seamstresses and inspection team, we have sought out the most attentive of cut and sew operators and facilities around the world.

With each factory line, we seek out perfection and precision, one thread at a time.

jaanuu production
jaanuu garment
jaanuu factory line

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